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Happy Sunday!

Despite all promises, I am not being very active here these days. I am having a very intense, as well as very exciting time profession-wise. Once I settle with at least a fairly consistent workload, I hope to transfer all I have learned and gained there to here, this blog that I still want to build as a creative outlet of my professional self. I don’t make any promises anymore, but I really do hope it is going to be soon.

Until then, let’s move on to the next one of our regular Sunday reading sessions.

The EU-Turkey Deal: Expediency Trumps the EU’s Higher Calling

Although many expected otherwise, Turkey and the EU started executing this highly unjust and even unlawful deal this week.

It’s Campaign Season for UN Secretary General…And It Is Pretty Radical

I am so excited about this that I can promise (I know, but this I really can) that there will be lots of posts on this topic in the coming weeks. This time the selection of the new UN Secretary General will not go down behind closed doors as it happened in the past, but quite publicly, involving all citizens of the world (yes, you and me too!). This is huge!

The United States is at War with Syria (according to the ICRC’s New Geneva Convention Commentary)

Not according to the United States, though. Not that this would alter the situation of civilians in the conflict or whatever, this is just a question for legal scholars to chew on.

The Panama Papers –

This is from The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists and I think it’s great!  Be sure not to miss this and this.

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