Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

In Hungary, we are on day 2 of a 4 day weekend, so things are great! Well, the weather could be better, but hey…

Hope the weekends of all of you are going great as well! Here’s what I recommend to read…

Boots on the Ground in Somalia: Acting “By, With, and Through” a Local Partner to Minimize Friction

This was not the first US military action in Somalia, and most certainly not the last of its kind.

Salami Slicing Human Rights Accountability: How the European Border and Coast Guard Agency may inherit Frontex’ genetic defect

The future of border control in the EU is one of the most burning international legal questions of our time.

Will Member States Finally Stop Peacekeeper Sex Abuse?

The problem is covering up these allegations without a trace is more in member states’ interests than publicly prosecute the crimes.

Sisters-in-Law/Then&Now: “THE BONNET OR NOT THE BONNET?”

This one is a late Women’s Day treat for female lawyers. Quite an amusing read.

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