Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday Everybody!

Happy Chinese New Year, happy Valentines Day, happy long weekend in the US, and happy whatever you are celebrating around this time.

I hope you have some time for today’s posts.

Thoughts on the North Korean Nuclear Test and Satellite Launch

This post elaborates in detail on my own opinion that what happens in the Korean Peninsula time and again seems to be on repeat.

The beginning of the end of border-free Schengen?

This is an ever more probable threat as time goes by since the beginning of the migration crisis in Europe.

Today is the Day the UN Celebrates Women and Girls in Science. Here’s Why That’s So Important

Thursday, February 11 was the day, to be precise. If you are one of those people who smile on each new designated day of UN observances, please just read through, and you’ll see why this particular one is important.

Odd Names for Offbeat Ministries

On a lighter note, have you seen this New York Times piece this week? All jokes aside, my country would benefit from treating happiness on a ministerial level, for sure, it is not an entirely bad idea.

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