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Happy last day of January, everybody!

For me it feels like New Year all over again or instead of the one I kind of missed a month ago. One of my monthly goals was to reach a professional decision by the end of the month and that I just did on the last workday of it, although kind of reluctantly. Whether it was a good decision, time will tell, I sure will have to live with it for now.

On that same note, hopefully this was the last dreadful week for me, at least I refuse to suck it up anymore and I will keep myself to that, so  I finally will really devote more time to my creative outlets including this blog. One of the posts promised for this week is halfway done and going up today or tomorrow. I will work on the other one too.

Thanks for bearing with me, let’s check out today’s posts…

Can the International Community Prevent the Coming Zika Crisis?

Mind you, it is not a crisis yet and let’s hope it never gets that far.

What Now for the Golan Heights?

The Golan Heights that once belonged to Syria, and it could belong to Syria again, has there been a functioning state in Syria.

125 Million Reasons to Solve the Humanitarian Financing Gap

Really, it is kind of my obsession, that if we all (who are capable) would just give 1$ at a time in regular periods, the financial problems of the world could be solved easily. There would still remain enough political problems, though.

The Danish Law on Seizing Asylum Seekers’ Assets

Indeed it is arguable whether Denmark just wants to keep asylum seekers away with the prospect of their assets being taken away.

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