Sunday Smack

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Goodbye2013Welcome to the last Sunday Smack of 2013!

This is going to be a special edition as this time I will recommend some year-end reviews of a wide range of topics. Hope you’ll enjoy!


9 Stories that Will Drive the Global Agenda in 2014

OK, I know that’s not what I promised, but I thought I would start with the exception. I think this is a great compilation, plus UNDispatch is still my favorite world affairs blog.


Now, let’s see what 2013 was like…

2013: the year in world news

Great picture review of world news on the Telegraph.


United Nations Year in Review: Looking back at major events of 2013


The 31 Most Important Political GIFs of 2013

This one’s for the laughs, but really. I wish Hungarian politics could be just half this entertaining sometimes.


FLOTUS’s 2013 in review


If there was a politician spouses of 2013 contest, we all know who would win and this is one of my favorite reviews. The First Lady has done some pretty fun things in the past 12 months, don’t you think?


Top 20 Music Moments of 2013

Billboard lists 20 of the most memorable music moments.


Most Popular Feature Films Released in 2013

IMDb lists the most popular movies of 2013.


Best Books of 2013:

According to Goodreads voters these are the best fiction books of 2013. Take a look at the other categories too.


My own Goodreads year in books:

Since I pretty much stopped with the book recommendations on this page, I don’t have a chance to share my favorite reads anywhere anymore, so here’s everything I have read in 2013. There are some very good ones among  these books, although, as you can see, I finished quite far from my goal of 50 books.

I know, compared to the average Hungarian, who reads two (or less!) books per year, this is a pretty great result, yet I feel I could have done more. in restrospect, I can think of some time in this soon-to-be last year that would have been much better spent reading. But what has passed has passed, right? What goal do you think I should set for 2014?


Google searches of 2013:

I love Google’s annual videos of the passing years’ big!gest moments! This year is no exception. Check out the top searches as well, it’s interesting!


2013: What a Year!

For the laughs again… JibJab’s year in review videos are the best! I am looking forward to them every year!


Enjoy your year-end celebrations and see you in 2014!

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