Sunday Smack

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Hello Everybody! I hope you all have spent the longest Saturday of the decade well!

I keep being busy with important deadlines approaching both in my work and my studies, that’s the reason this blog seems to be neglected these days.

Here’s what I recommend from my weekly reading anyway:

UN Chief Warns Military Strikes in Iraq May Backfire

The Secretary General actually suggests that keeping things unresolved once again and arming one side against the other would probably even worsen things in the region.

World Refugee Day Draws Attention to Shortcomings of International Law

World Refugee Day was Friday and indeed the current refugee situation shows that serious changes need to be made ASAP.

ICC to UN: Investigate Your Alleged Coverups in Darfur

There are several conflicting reports about the wrongdoings and failures of UN officials in Darfur in the past decade. The ICC wants to investigate them, but apparently it needs permission from the UN itself to do so.

World Cup Fiascos Might Prove a Human Rights Win

That would indeed be great if the selection of host countries would not only take into account the human rights records of candidates but even improve them.

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