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A group of unidentified Egyptian activists have set up a Facebook page and website called morsimeter.com to monitor the performance of Egypt’s president-elect Mohamed Morsi during his first 100 days in office.

The page, which already has over 20,000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, will assess Morsi’s adherence to 64 promises he made during his election campaign in the fields of bread, traffic, security, fuel and health. 

Morsi vowed to implement the Muslim Brotherhood’s Renaissance Project if elected president. 

In his first post-victory speech on Sunday evening, Morsi said Egyptians should not obey him if he fails to stick to his campaign pledges.

“If I do not obey God and fail to fulfil my promises, do not obey me,” he stated.

In addition, Morsi announced he would be stepping down as head of the Freedom and Justice Partybefore he takes office, in a move several revolutionary figures had demanded in return for supporting his election bid.

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