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London, March 2022

My first trip after a long time of not going anywhere led to my favourite city in the world, London. It took me a long time to write this one, but better late than never. More than a month had passed, but I barely spent a whole week in one place since, and that along with being busy at work was tiring after such a long time of rarely going anywhere. I’ve spent four days in London from 19th of March to the 22nd, but it was more like three, because the last day was only travelling home. It was…

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Blabbing all about London

I’ve been planning to write about my favourite destinations before I’ll be able to resume traveling, but that came sooner than I thought, so ahead of my next trip to London I’m sharing why I love this very cosmopolitan city so much. First of all, although this trip was planned and paid before the war broke out Russia invaded Ukraine, I am having second thoughts ever since the news broke. The other day I went to a book launch event of a famous Hungarian writer (highly recommend!) and he shared that he was having second thoughts about the event too:…

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The world is my hometown

As I was brought up not traveling a lot, and even then not too far from home, it took quite a long time for me to realise that I feel most myself when I am out in the big wide world around the most diverse kind of people. Well, it is not entirely true that we did not travel, because my grandma used to takes us with her visiting her sisters, about 150 kms away (2 hour train ride). And before she grew older, we went quite a lot. We also went on day trips sometimes with my mom and…

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