“Global Diplomacy: the United Nations in the World” MOOC on Coursera

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You know my passion for MOOCs, as I have written about some I have taken on this blog. I was so busy in the past several months that I didn’t even have time to look at the selection of different learning platforms. As it happened before, once I took a look at the selection last week, I already could have chosen several courses to take. Unfortunately my schedule is still thight, so I can only manage one at a time. Finally, I have chosen a MOOC from SOAS University of London with the above title.

I have been researching the United Nations for many years now, I am member of several UN-related organizations, wrote my thesis and several other papers about the UN, not to speak of numerous UN-related posts here. So I guess it’s safe to say the topic is not foreign to me, yet I think I can benefit from this seemingly unique approach to teaching the UN.

So, the main reason I decided to sign up is because it is a peer reviewed assignment based course, where there is a lot of thinking, working and peer-discussion involved, which can really make you see things you have known for ages in different perspectives. I can certainly use some refreshment in my thinking from time to time!

The MOOC starts tomorrow (19 June), so you are not late to sign up now! I hope you will join me, and we can have a discussion about UN-related questions in the course’s discussion forums or assignments! See you there?

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