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Happy Sunday and Happy Summer!


This week Britain managed to pull off yet another election where practically everybody lost an no-one knows what to come after, this seems to have become the new standard over there. 

Also, political turmoil is mounting in the US, but the President still doesn’t seem to be worried. On this week’s episode of The West Wing Weekly (S03E09 Bartlet for America) there were a lot of talk about Congressional hearings and what they are all about. I happened to listen to it the morning after #ComeyDay, and again, I just love when entertainment really adds to real life on an educational level! (Also, there’s a never before heard interview with the late and great John Spencer!)

Now see what I enjoyed reading this week.

Nikki Haley Wants these Two Reforms at the UN Human Rights Council…(Or Else?)

In a surprising turn, the Trump Administration decided not to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council for now. My hostile self adds that they slowly come to fit among the members with questionable human rights records.

ISIS Attacks Iran and Accusations Fly

It is hard to foresee the end of the fight in the region when new fronts open again and again.

Back to Old Tricks? Italian Responsibility for Returning People to Libya

I wonder how much of this is Italy on its own and does the EU’s refugee policy play any part.

Time to change the picture: UN must urgently address lack of women in human rights bodies

As someone working in an industry where I usually sit at a fully male table, and bear the women jokes of insensitive male colleagues, I would say hell yeah.

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