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Happy Sunday, people! And happy Memorial Day weekend to all to whom that applies!


First of all, this week started in a very sad way. I was inevitably reminded of last year’s Mariah Carey concert

that I attended

at the same Manchester Arena. This is not about throwing blames and I don’t even know how it worked this time, but last year our packages weren’t inspected at all. Guards only took a quick peek, but in all honesty, I could have anything in the bottom or some side pocket of my shoulder bag, no-one cared to look. Even last year I thought it was weird in a country that has such a high level of terror alert going on for years. And of course this happened after the concert, I imagine there is no security check then. But the sad reality is that we do live in a world where we need to be alert and expect such attacks all the time now. Anyway, this is not about blaming anyone, just sending ♥ to all affected.

Also, whoever thought this was a good time to diss Ariana Grande and teenage pop culture just don’t get it at all (you know who you are). People have died, for God’s sake! And the scary truth is, this can happen to any of us next time!

On a different note, you’ve all seen the video of POTUS securing his place at the front row on the NATO summit in pretty much the same manner he became president of a country the majority of which didn’t even vote for him. Based on pictures of the events, this week’s summits in Brussels and Sicily were great occasions for world leaders to practice their silent ‘what an a$$hole’ looks… The G7 leaders in Taormina also signed a Statement 

on the Fight Against Terrorism
and Violent Extremism

Does the Manchester Attack Show the Islamic State’s Strenght or Weakness?

It is always hard, perhaps impossible even to tell whether terrorist organizations’ claims are true or not. But also, it is hard just to imagine let alone comprehend how certain people get inspired by ISIS propaganda to commit such actions.

What the Manchester Attack Shows Us About How the Terrorism Danger Has Evolved

Great post again by Professor Byman on the general implications of Manchester.

China and India are confronting climate change way faster than expected

Yet another important issue (besides aiding international organizations) where the US decidedly lags behind under the Trump administration.

Evacuation of Civilian Populations and Criminal Complicity: A Critical Appraisal of the February 2017 Report of the Syria Commission of Inquiry

This is exactly why many people are of such a bad opinion about lawyers. In our eagerness to bring justice we tend to go a bit too far sometimes.

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