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Happy Sunday!


The first thing I want to mention is actually from last week, but I only got around to listen to last week’s episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast on Sunday after posting Sunday Smack. That episode last week was about Season 3 Episode 5 of The West Wing titled War Crimes. You know how I just love when different territories of my passions meet? The subplot of this TWW episode that the title refers to was about the argument for and against the US participation in a war crimes tribunal. The argument was very relevant when it first aired in 2002, as the Rome Statute came into effect that year setting up the ICC, and it is highly relevant now, when the first time ever the US might actually face consequences of war-time actions committed in Afghanistan and US prisons in several European countries.

The guest of this episode of the podcast was David Pressman, former US ambassador to the UN, and  first-ever Director for War Crimes and Atrocities on the National Security Council at the White House under President Obama and it was a really interesting and informative conversation. If you are interested in these kinds of things, you should definitely listen, whether you have ever watched The West Wing or not (but, I mean, why wouldn’t you watch The West Wing?!). 

Oh and the episode that was discussed this week (3.06) titled Gone Quiet also have an international law relevance, as a US submarine goes quiet near North Korean coasts and the President and his national security team contemplate possible reasons and solutions. You should definitely watch The West Wing! (Have I ever mentioned that I think The West Wing is the best show ever and Aaron Sorkin is a genious? And also, Josh Malina and Hrishi Hirway rock for bringing this show back to our everyday conversations! It is just what we need in our times!)

Speaking of our times, political satire went on this week in the US, and instead of late shows (although they are still good), this time I refer you to cartoons. Enjoy!

Then let’s also read a little! 

Iran’s Moderates Win Election, but It Won’t Matter to Trump

The democratic nature of the Iranian elections are still debatable, but this is the best result the international community could hope for. 

North Korea, Iran, and the Challenges of Dealing With Cyber-Capable Nuclear States

I used to just skip posts dealing with cyber security thinking they are full of stuff I most definitely wouldn’t understand anyway. But cyber threat quickly becomes one of the major threats of our time with which pretty much the whole world can be screwed at the same time.

It’s Official: ALL US Health Assistance–from Measles to Malaria– is caught up in US abortion politics

Well, sure if we let people die in preventable diseases, then who needs abortion anymore. Says my cynical self, but I just don’t know what people making or approving these decisions think…

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