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Happy New Year, everybody!

I hope you are content with how you have spent your holidays and ready to get back in the saddle for a fresh new start. For me, it was more work and less rest than planned, but in all, I have spent a pleasant one and a half weeks “holidaying”. 

I know I have promised a separate look-back post which never happened, so I incorporated the half done pieces of it to this post (after I finished them, of course), you will find them below.

Happy reading!

The UN’s Year in review

The 70th year of the United Nations was a pretty busy one. Besides the world events the organization had to respond this year, there were some pretty huge accomplishments. No wonder the short version of the review video is almost 8 minutes long.

US diplomacy’s year in review

US diplomacy has also had an eventful year. This is a great post looking back on it.

The New York Times’ 2015 Year in Pictures 

The NYT’s collections of press photos of the year are my favorites every year for a long time now, make sure to check them out!

5 Under-the-Radar Stories that Will Drive the Global Agenda in 2016

A diplomatic, a health related, a climate change related, a humanitarian and a human rights issue. Mostly ones that rarely make it to prime time news. The ones I like to give space on this platform.

The Islamic State: Why It Is Staying, Why It Is Expanding, and Why No One Is Really Fighting It

Another great post digging towards the roots of IS.

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