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Hope everybody is well after this week of incredible news.

The image I used is from the Daily Mirror frontpage from the day after. You can read its story clicking here. This was one of the best front pages in my opinion, but you can check out a bunch of others clicking here  if you want to.

And then there were the publications too. From the immediate expressions of shock through some more resigned expressions of shock to the well thought out analyses. The latter trying to find the reasons will give plenty of job for analysts in the years to come.

I do agree that the world had just become a scarier place overnight. Not because of this one person of questionable character – clearly running the USA is not a one man business and more will depend on the people he will surround himself with. What is appalling is that with his victory all the supporters of his extremist views have won and it will be painful to learn whatever this makes them feel entitled to.

On the other hand, I don’t agree those pledging resistance by all means (that doesn’t make things go forward), or those visualizing all kinds of apocalipse (that has the danger of self-fulfilling prophecies), or those slut-shaming the future first lady (that makes us no better than him). And I could go on.

I deeply respect those who have the better judgement to say that the work has just begun instead of retreating defeated and offended. The world will have to watch out now more than ever. The next four years might just be the test of democratic institutions, human rights (minority’s rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights, all we’ve accomplished in this field) and the international world order. The test of whether we cherish them enough to preserve them whatever is to come. 

The next four years will not be about one person, it will be about the people. The people of the US and the people of the world and how they react to what’s to come. “Now is the time to remember, more than ever, our values”, these words of a non-American living in America just sum it up quite all right (intentionally I don’t quote politicians here, although I could).

Love trumps hate. Whoever is the president, this remains to be true.

Breaking Down Trump’s Middle East Policy

I am one of those who think that the Trump people can’t possibly have too broad an idea about what to do regarding foreign policy and many other topics for that matter. This is a great post about possible scenarios in the Middle East based on campaign promises and statements.

After Trump: China and Russia move from norm-takers to shapers of the international legal order

China and Russia might already have a plan to go forward after the unimaginable happened. In fact, they have had it months before.

International Order Depends on a Well-Educated American Public. So Let’s Get to Work

And on a final note, international order needs to be preserved, whatever comes in the next four years.

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