Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

I hope you all had a great week trying to figure out your stance on all issues affecting your lives these days.

I was determined not to post about the President-Elect anymore until some new story comes up, but I didn’t have much choice, most of the blogs I follow were full of predictions (but mostly yet unanswered questions) of what’s to come in world affairs.


On a more delightful note, it is Gilmore Girls week! Which coincides with Thanksgiving weekend in the US, and Black Friday all over the world. So I hope you’ll have a happy week ahead regardless of all the bad news of recent weeks, we all still have a lot to be thankful for!

International Law in the Age of Trump: A Post-Human Rights Agenda

A lot of guessing is going on about whether the President-Elect will act on his previous threats, as turning over the Paris Agreement, or the Iran Nuclear Deal, strenghtening ties with Russia while loosening ties with international organizations. Whether a post-human rights era is to come.

Donald Trump and the UN: Will He Get Along With Secretary General Antonio Guterres?

We don’t know much about his broader vision for the UN really, but we know he doesn’t think much of most of the values the UN stands for.

Regret & Support, Speeches on the Court

Meanwhile at the International Criminal Court the Assembly of States Parties is digesting all the withdrawals recently. And this was before news broke that Russia would withdraw as well.

What is the Future of the SOGI Mandate and What Does it Mean for the UN Human Rights Council?

And now the protection of LGBTI rights is threatened, and Donald Trump has nothing to with it, while some African states more so.

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