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Happy weekend everybody!

I am trying to slowly get back into the habit of zeroing my Feedly by the weekend, so I started collecting some worhty blog posts to recommend during the week for you. Although I’ve taken quite long breaks between posts lately, this is actually the 250th Sunday Smack, believe it or not! I’d really like to revive it somehow, but I’m not making promises, just see how it goes.

Here is a small collection of good reads in the topic of world affairs/international law for this weekend!

What do you think? Let me know which one did you like!

Mistakes of Fact When Using Lethal Force in International Law: Part I , Part II, Part III

This is a longer read combining the three parts, but worth your time. Based on the shooting down of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 over Tehran by Iran, the articles walk us through the different  interpretations of international law citing examples and practices from similar incidents.

An Accountability Update for Crimes Committed in Syria

Although in my country these prosecutions are cited to serve a very different purpose, I find them an important instrument to seek international justice.

Brexit Endgame: Brexit Nears, Northern Ireland Assembly Reconvenes, and Megxit Distracts

Everything you need to know about the current state of Brexit and more. Although the Parliament finally decided, there are still a bunch of open questions and things are expected to work out quite slowly in the coming months.

And a bonus podcast (and book) recommendation:

Feel Helpless About The World’s Problems? How One Person Can Make A Difference

I love Marie Forleo and loved the first time she interviewed Nick Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn a couple of years ago. That was the fist time I’ve heard about the work they do and been a fan ever since. This conversation doesn’t disappoint either.

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