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Happy Sunday! We are past the gloomiest day of the year (last Monday, according to general understanding, but no science at all), so we can expect things to be brighter from here on. I mean once Christmas passes, I am so over winter weather anyway, I can’t wait for it to be summer already… How about you?

Here’s some weekend reading that unfortunately will not cheer you up, but I hope you’ll enjoy them nontheless.

How Multilateral Cooperation Can Stop the Coronavirus Outbreak From Spreading

This is yet another example when internationalism and international organizations are indeed helping humankind. One small update to the post: the WHO still did not declare the coronavirus a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC).

ICJ Indicates Provisional Measures in the Myanmar Genocide Case

The ICJ’s much anticipated first substantive decision in this case caused little if any surprise. 

Guest Post on Hungary’s Suspension of Pilot Judgment Implementation

Prison conditions is a divisive topic everywhere in the world. Half of society thinks detainees deserve the worst, the other half is more concerned about human treatment. The Orbán government is now trying to use this to turn the layman crowds (who can’t tell the ECtHR and the EU’s institutions from one another) against the EU.

Is Deterrence Restored with Iran?

Perhaps we are safe from Word War III for the time being, but US-Iranian relationship will hardly become friendly anytime soon.

5 things we learned about climate change at Davos 2020

The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was held in Davos this week, with climate change being the central topic, here’s a quick recap.

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