Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

I hope you are well and safe this weekend! Here’s some reading for you.


Am I the only one to think that most of this list should be applied all the time, regardless of world health emergencies? 🤔 The source is of course the World Health Organization, be sure to check out their website clicking here for many more useful information (and some myth-busting) about the coronavirus.

Brexit Endgame: Britain’s EU Departure Marks the End of Brexit’s Beginning

The day has come and Monday will probably look very similar to the days past (expect for British MEPs maybe), because the changes will slowly materialize in the months to come.

Can the Netanyahu Government Annex Parts of the West Bank?

US administrations with actual diplomatic sensitivity and wit tried to reach peace in the Middle East for decades and failed. The current one lacks both, I don’t even know if this thing deserves to be called a peace plan.

Intergenerational Reflections on International Law: An Essay from Pierre Marie Dupuy

A long read and a rather boring one if you are not interested in international law. As an eternal believer in globalism though I found it fascinating. A great essay on philosophycal ideals of multilateralism, how they evolved and how they (don’t) apply to today’s problems.

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