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Happy Sunday and happy March! Spring is on the way!

On the off-chance you haven’t seen this already, even though it seemed to be everywhere this week (rightly so), you should watch it now. Also, I just wanted it to be on my blog, because it’s that good. Here it is, for this week leading up to International Women’s Day next weekend.

The Outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus: are the International Health Regulations fit for purpose?

This is a long read with dry legal knowledge, no panic inciting, we have enough of that elsewhere. 

The UN is Warning of a Massive Crisis as Desert Locusts Ravage East Africa

This is indeed scary. Imagine a swarm larger than NYC. Something should be done.

What Does the ICJ Decision on The Gambia v. Myanmar Mean?

A thorough breakdown of the case with what happened already and what to expect.

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