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Happy International Women’s Day everybody!

Check out the details of the IWD2020 campaign on UN Women’s site. And here’s some additional reading for you.

We Should Be Thanking Our Lucky Stars for the World Health Organization Right Now

We do have an international organization that can deal with public health emergencies such as we’re facing these days, when it has the resources to do so.

Governing global health emergencies: the role of criminalization

With the latest rumours that someone run off of the quarantine in Budapest, and just seeing how some people don’t care about basic hygiene even these days (people sneezing into your palms and going around touching everything like nothing happened, I’m pointing at you!), this is something to consider.

(Bonus recommendation: I love Alan Alda’s Clear and Vivid Podcast, where he chats about communication in different areas of life. He’s especially commited to enhancing communication in science, even has a nonprofit working on this. In this week’s special episode he talked to Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases about the latest on the novel coronavirus. I really recommend taking a listen. The current season of the podcast started strong anyway, with conversations with Tom Hanks and Paul McCartney so far, you should’t miss those episodes either!)

Stop calling for women’s empowerment and start respecting them

Something completely different to think about on this International Women’s Day.

Turkey’s Troubles in Idlib: Does Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty Hold the Answer?

It does not. Syria is not just geographically out of the scope of Article 4, but the situation is not clearly one that requires such action.

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