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Happy Sunday!

I’ve been waiting to post about anything but the current situation, but somehow everything I read leads back to it, so now I am just going with the flow.

It’s back to the office day in Hungary (for most of us anyway) tomorrow, that could really make me believe we’re out of the woods already, if I haven’t been following international news as well. To be honest, I could be believing a lot of things these days that are not true if I didn’t pay attention (so could you). But perhaps we will talk about this some other time. 


Here’s a couple of stuff (all from reliable sources) for you to read this Sunday.

How Pandemics End

This is a rather interesting read about the history of pandemics. The scary thing is, we don’t know how they end, they just do at one point (I can’t decide whether this is reassuring or just the opposite). 

Palestinian refugee camps spark renewed community action in response to Covid-19

These communities were already in a dire enough situation without a pandemic hitting, now have to find ways to survive without much help.

Non-refoulement During a Health Emergency

Then again, the situation of refugees couldn’t be harder, we thought before COVID-19, now it  turns out it could. Although many people in the world continue to have reasons to seek refuge, they hardly have any safe place to go now.

Eating Animals Has Caused Another Pandemic

OK, this might be controversial. I myself am not a vegetarian by declaration, although I barely ever consume meat anymore, but even if you are a convinced meat eater, this article is full of interesting facts.

Today is the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia & Biphobia, check out this UN website to learn more.

How about you? What news are you following during self-isolation? You know, to stay informed without going crazy? Let me know in the comments.

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