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Happy Sunday and happy weekend! 

After a first week of getting back to work and the outside world in Hungary I can say that some people wrongly assume that life is fully back to normal again, and we can act like nothing irregular happened in the meantime. It is hard to proceed with caution and practice social distancing when other people just don’t seem to care at all. It’s obviously not true for everybody, but too many people in my opinion.

What are your experiences with easing up restrictions? Let me know in the comments.

Here’s today’s offering.

Pandemic Intrigue in Geneva: COVID-19 and the 73rd World Health Assembly

I guess the WHO’s annual World Healt Assembly was never before surrounded by this much attention as this year, understandably so. Here’s everything you need to know.

U.S.-China Rivalry After COVID-19: Clues and Early Indications from Southeast Asia

The geopolitical world order was already in a motion of change when the pandemic hit. Whether it will just accelerate this change or send it in a completely different direction depends on the actions of the main players.

Do We Need an International Commission of Inquiry for COVID-19? Part I  and Part II

The question in the title might be moot at this point, but this is not true for all the issues the answer entails. Still worth a read.

A Reference to the ICJ for an Advisory Opinion over COVID-19 Pandemic

On a similar note, the UNGA or the WHO could also ask for an advisery opinion of the ICJ. It’s a whole different question whether it should/could give it.

What is next for Félicien Kabuga? Socratic connivance and rupture in international criminal trials

Many international scholars touted the news of the capture of this Rwandan war criminal as the rare good news amidst our current reality. We have yet to discover how international criminal justice can prevail after all these years he’s been on the run.

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