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Happy Sunday and happy June! 

I can’t believe it’s almost June already, it feels like we’ve skipped several weeks of this year, I don’t even know where they went.

Like this pandemic wasn’t enough already, further grave things are happening in the world. Aren’t we supposed to move forward and not backwards with this kind of stuff? Everybody, who thinks this is not their problem, please educate yourselves (I loved this post for resources) and find ways to do good in the world. It needs us. 

Let’s get to reading.

Why the WHO is failing and how to fix it

Fixing is also in the hands of states that make it fail, i.e. political will, so this question is not simple at all.

COVID-19’s Staggering Toll on Education Around the World

School education is supposed to balance the inequalities based on children’s domestic backgrounds. Now that education has to happen at home, inequalities determine their progress, or the lack of it. This needs to be solved.

Years of Dereliction Has Left the PLO Facing Annexation Without a Plan

Peace in the Middle-East has always been a crucial question of the geopolitical order that required Western states to step up and mediate negotiations. Let’s hope the current shifts in the world order won’t hurt this cause irreversibly.

The Failure to Pursue the Mandates of International Organizations in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although I don’t think we should go into this blaming game instead of focusing on problem solving, some already did, so better be clear about the law.

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