Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

My time of the year has come, summer is my favorite season of all! I have lots of exciting plans for the next three months, besides just enjoying the hot weather and trying to make the most out of this summer.

You all have a great summer, people!

South Sudan Boots a Top UN Official Over His Tweets–And US Officials Tweet Their Response

So it seems like the Sudanese government wants all the help, but no-one to talk about it. Do you ever wonder what diplomacy looked like before there was Twitter?

Our First Official Peak into the Document That Will Eventually Set The SDGs

It is no exaggeration that the final document member states can agree on will define the future of this planet and every living creature on it, so this is serious.

It’s Time for Girls to Take Back Their Schools

There are too many countries where girls’ access to schools are limited or non-existent for various reasons, military use of schools is just one of those.

On IAEA Access to Iranian Military Sites

This one is tricky, but isn’t this the whole point of sending inspectors?

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