Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend, everybody! 

I am being absent from here lately despite all my plans for great posts. I am somewhat busy at work currently and there are those studies I have written about. And then there is summer too, with all kinds of summer things to do!

But I’ll really try to do my best to post more.

Now, here’s your not-to-be-missed Sunday reading:

The Legal and Political Feasibility of the EU’s Planned ‘War on Smuggling’ in Libya

Alright then, stop the boats, but will it help those refugees willing to risk their lives to come to Europe? No, it will not. Neither will it help those already here being pulled hither and tither, that no one country wants to be responsible for. We should have a plan for that situation, as well. And we should have it quickly.

Burundi: New Election Dates, But Crisis Remains Unresolved

What can possibly come out of these elections, when even the preparations’ legitimacy is questionable?

Turning the Digital Revolution into a Health Revolution to Achieve the SDGs

Again, when we’re talking about the SDGs, we’re talking about all of our futures.

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