Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

I know, another week passed without any posts, it is not intentional, I am working on it. My work problem is about to be settled in the coming weeks (one way or another), and then I will hopefully be able to concentrate on creative stuff. At one point, I should probably write a post about it all, but it involves other people, so I will have to figure out some unharmful way to share it.

Now let’s see what happened in the world this week.

Syria: Starvation as a Tactic of War

and A Syrian Response to Obama’s Final State of the Union

I was thinking about sharing the story of Madaya last week, but all the posts contained graphic images, so I decided to skip it then. This week humanitarian aid was permitted into the area, but it is far from enough to better the conditions. The other post is a Syrian author’s blame on “the most powerful nation on Earth” for failing the democratic opposition in Syria. If you choose to read just one post this week, this latter is a must.

Will Islamophobia Swing World Elections in 2016?

It probably will, as it already does define politics all around the world. 

International Space Law in “The Martian”

Since just like the author of this post, I have also got to watch “The Martian” this week, I found this a great recollection of its legal references. I also agree with all praises of the movie, go watch it if you can!

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