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Happy Holidays, everybody!

How is it that I become too exhausted to enjoy the preparations every single year by this time? 

Tons of work, studies, Christmas shopping, multiple Christmas fair + mulled wine sessions with friends, hosting family, cooking my annual Christmas cookies for colleagues, this is just how my last couple of days looked like, and again, lots of work to come for the next three days as well… Oh and did I mention the anxiety over some unarrived (I know, I just made this word up) Christmas presents?

I am so much in need of some sleep time right now!


So, this is for those of you, who are lucky enough to have some spare time to check out a few great posts… Of course, the rest of you can always check back later!

A Consequential Meeting for Peace in Syria

And a Security Council resolution as a result, which can mean a huge step forward in ending this horrendous crisis in Syria.

The Six Faces of the Islamic State

Another one in the “meet the enemy” series, examining the main characteristics of the terrorist group, really worth reading! 

Self-defense Operations Against Armed Groups and the Jus in Bello

And yet another legal analysis about the use of force against IS.

Protecting some of the people some of the time: the UN’s peacekeeping mission in South Sudan 

Something really needs to be done to bring back UN peacekeeping to how it used to be in the minds of people in need, at times when they expected nothing but help and protection from the blue helmets.

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