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Happy first Sunday of Advent!

How can it be Advent already, when I feel like I have just returned from summer vacation, is beyond me. But it is. There is only one month left for our 2015 goals, and time to think about new ones for the new year!

The year in world affairs is far from being over yet, though. One of the most important diplomatic events of 2015 kicks off tomorrow in Paris. UN member states will gather in Paris in the next two weeks for the UN conference on climate change. Long negotiations are to be expected, and hopefully hard decisions will be made in the end, all in order to make sure we will be able to use this planet some more.


Let’s check out this week’s posts.

Was the Downing of the Russian Jet by Turkey Illegal?

It might turn out to be. But it might turn out not to be. This story is still too messy to tell.

What Does ISIS Really Want Now?

Understanding the enemy is important. This thorough article is a great one to start with.

Threading the Needle in Security Council Resolution 2249 

One week passed and international law scholars are still in the process of figuring out the purpose of this resolution.

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