Sunday Smack

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I hope everyone’s having a peaceful weekend wherever you may be.

We have an incredibly depressing weather this weekend in Budapest, the kind that just makes you want to stay in bed and binge watch your favorite shows all day. Too bad I don’t have time for that…

How are you all doing? And how about some Sunday reading now?

The Constructive Ambiguity of the Security Council’s ISIS Resolution

A closer look at the Security Council resolution legitimizing the use of force against ISIL.

Can the UN Help Broker a Syria Ceasefire?

Well, if anyone can, it is the UN. And although there are quite a few uncertainty factors, there is actually hope for progress this time.

Mali Attacks–What We Know So Far

Another deadly attack, this time in Mali. 

On the way to Paris – what to expect of a global climate agreement?

No agreement will solve the problem of climate change singlehandedly, but it can launch a global process that might be able to do so. Speaking of climate change, have you heard that this October was the hottest October ever on record?

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