Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

I have spent some wonderful days in the UK and had a fantastic time at the U2 concert at TheO2, London on Tuesday. You can check out some of my photos and videos on my Instagram.

Then of course, it was back to work for the second half of the week.


Well, how about this? And how about other world leaders following the example? Because it’s 2015. And for some more inspiration on gender equality you should watch Emma Watson’s interview with Malala at Into Film Festival, if you haven’t yet.

Let’s see what else happened this week…

“What’s gender got to do with it?”: Historic diversity in Canada’s new Cabinet

I am sorry, I have to return to this for a moment, as there are some who have a problem with this establishment. As a feminist, I am not in favour of quote systems and the likes myself, yet I don’t see a problem here. This post makes some pretty legitimate points.

Up the Creek without the Law: What is at Stake in Refugee Responsibility Sharing?

The quota system would only work if each and every state would be able to provide the exact same rules and conditions for the refugees. Until this is not the case, refugees will still want to go where they can expect to be treated best.

The Four “Best” Countries for Refugee Resettlement

And on that same note, let’s check out where refugees are better off resettling these days.

How Far Did the United States Go with the Lassen Operation?

And then you should also read this and this and this. I was hesitant to feature these, mainly because the law of the seas never particularly interested me, but then this seems such a typical international law dispute, one can really learn a lot studying it.

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