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Happy Sunday Everybody!

As you are reading this, I am in the UK somewhere having a good time and looking forward to the U2 concert on 3 November, which almost did not happen. (Phew, long story, perhaps many will contradict, but let me just warn you not to order tickets via! Well, not unless you can have them in your mailbox right away. What happened is that they kindly informed me three days prior to the concert, that the tickets I payed for five months in advance don’t exist!!! They blame it on the seller, but I suspect they just wanted me to buy new tickets twice the price, which I did not, and surely I will never buy anything from them again…)

But anyway, it all worked out, London, we are coming and we will be there on Tuesday at TheO2 Arena, at the U2 concert!!! Are you also gonna be there? Please let me know! (I hope you did not have any bad experience with the tickets…)


To follow my adventures in the UK, my favorite city ever, London, check out my Instagram, I will post some pictures along the way! 🙂

Until then, down to some serious business, check out some of this week’s posts.

Amid Investigations of Hospital Bombings, Don’t Lose Sight of Key Principles

The principles, that is, no matter what the investigation finds, bombing hospitals, wartime or not, enemy or not, is just WRONG.

Investigating Crimes against Peacekeepers in the Situation in Georgia

And here’s what the problem is with these investigations. By the time they get serious, nothing is left to be found. Evidence is lost, memories fade.

Getting Cancer on the Global Health Agenda

This is an important issue. Even in middle income countries like Hungary, people don’t visit their doctors until the last minute, and doctors most often don’t even have the resources to encourage regular check-ups.

A Bacon Dispute at the WTO? International Trade Regulation and the WHO Decision on Red Meat and Processed Meat

Speaking of health issues, this news must have devastated some meat lovers this week. Others shout conspiracy, saying that the findings must be all about business interests…

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