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Happy weekend everybody, and happy labor day weekend to all my US readers, who – according to Google Analytics – make up the third largest crowd among my overall readership. BTW, I am still in the process of figuring out why the first place goes to Russia, but then, shoutout to my Russian readers too, anyway!

I have never thought I would ever be writing these words, but seriously, I wish my country wouldn’t be on international news that much! Even the daily news roll of my favorite global affairs blog came out one day with the title “Seriously, Hungary?”. And all I can do is to agree with those failing to understand the motives behind Hungary’s inhumane actions. I can only repeat myself and hope the world sees that humanity is still present in Hungary instead of our government’s actions. Take this campaign for an example.


Photo via Origo.

Now, let’s see what other bloggers think…

Refugees Vs. Migrants? The Word Choice Matters

I myself am guilty sometimes of using the wrong word, although only in English, I never do that in Hungarian. This post sets the record straight about what is the important difference. 

The Drowning Child


The Photo of the Drowned Syrian Boy is Social Media at its Most Impactful

I really don’t think there is anything I can add here. Anyone who thinks that a simple “please, don’t come” will stop these people, is an ignorant idiot (there, I said that, the very reason why I usually avoid going into politics too deep here).

The Ninth Time Is Not A Charm: Elusive Peace in South Sudan

Things still happen in other parts of the world too, though. Sudanese peace still proves to be difficult to hold up in spite of the threat of sanctions by the USA and the UN Security Council.

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