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Happy last summer weekend, everybody!

I just got back from the beach, as there is a heatwave affecting Hungary again, but I hope you are all enjoying every bit of these last summer moments!

As always this time of the year, I am half sad – as summer is my favorite season and I love the hot weather, half excited – as things are revving up  after the long weeks of fun and rest and vacation. September is the most exciting time of year, I was actually surprised to find this to be true even when it’s not about school for me anymore… How about you all?

Unfortunately this summer was not just about slow news though, this last week of August was again quite eventful with sad happenings. Let’s check out this week’s posts…

How Europe is Making the Refugee Crisis Even Worse

The refugee crisis in Europe only worsens with such egregious events unfolding that really cry for an immediate and effective solution. If only member states could reach a consensus on the solution and a collective response, that could be a start.

The Crisis on the Korean Peninsula and Its Surprising Resolution

This situation could have evolved to be more serious than it eventually turned out to be. It is somewhat comforting that the intention on both sides now seems to be  the peaceful resolution of such conflicts.

Europe’s Debt to Greece

A very important yet regularly neglected point of view according to which the human rights of citizens are at best secondary when the EU (more broadly, the troika) decides on crisis management. It is easy to see why, as it is much simpler to predict growth in indicator numbers than the impact all of it will make on individuals or certain social groups (i.e. pensioners).

“We are hated, and our suffering and death brings joy to people.” A Remarkable Meeting on LGBT Violence at the Security Council

This past week marked the first ever meeting of the UN Security Council on LGBT rights. Not a formal meeting, but still can be viewed as an important milestone.

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