Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

I hope this post finds you all enjoying this one of the final summer weekends of this year.

When you are reading this, I am spending my last day at the beautiful Croatian coasts (probably in the clear waters of the Adriatic sea, since this post is pre-scheduled), tomorrow we are heading back home (and to life, and to work).

I don’t even try again to insert a photo here (Tumblr app needs some improvement!), check out my Instagram to get a picture (or more) of how and where I spent the days this post was created.

Here is some of my (not so vacation-y) vacation reading… (don’t worry, I brought lighter reading material too!)

The Last-Ditch South Sudan Peace Talks Are on the Brink of Collapse

This post is from Tuesday, but not much progress has been made during the rest of the week. Sanctions against South Sudan are very likely now.

Egypt’s Counterterrorism Law: Enshrining Security at the Expense of Civil Rights

Even if the new law would be capable of countering terrorism, it is pretty clear there are some hidden motives behind it.

5 Humanity-Affirming Times Europeans Have Opened Their Doors and Hearts to Refugees

Why of course I have spent the past week in a remote corner of Europe, where the migration issue is not an acute, not even a palpable problem. In Budapest though it is hard to go by without encounters with refugees, and such is the case in many European cities. My detailed opinion belongs to a separate post, let me just add here that I think some European leaders’ cruel, inhumane responses originate from short-sightedness, sometimes plain stupidity (many times combined with politicial profiteering).

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