Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday everybody!

The heatwave has just left Hungary for everybody’s relief except for me who loves the hot weather and I am spending this weekend extended by Monday with much needed rest in the countryside.

Finally I was able to catch up with my reading, even had time to read for pleasure (yay, Go Set a Watchman!). Out of my weekly reading, here’s some interesting stuff.

A Comprehensive Timeline of the Iran Deal

It’s all in the title. A very detailed timeline of what happens next.

Another Bad Election in Burundi

The long anticipated vote went down this week in Burundi, with worrying results.

Boko Haram Tops the Agenda of Nigeria President’s Visit to the White House

It’s the politics again, and the need to show what the White House wants us to think they consider important over what they actually consider important. Or perhaps they are all important and these symbolic gestures do make a difference in world politics.

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