Sunday Smack

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Happy weekend, everybody!

I am just after the final exam of The Changing Global Order on Coursera (more about it later in my MOOC series), let’s just say the last few days felt like exam season all over again, but in the end I have earned a certificate. (Also, note to self: summer is NOT for learning!)

Today was all about catching up on my reading that got quite neglected besides learning, meaning I had to read several hundred posts in a day. Here’s the few of them that made it to my weekly round-up.

Why the “Snap Back” Provision is the Most Brilliant Part of the Iran Deal

All sounds great, but what if Iran doesn’t abide by the rules, you may ask. Well, here is what.

It’s in the name: reading the nuclear agreement as a shift in power in favor of Europe

European powers and the EU in particular did indeed play an important role in attaining this deal.

Russian Constitutional Court Affirms Russian Constitution’s Supremacy over ECtHR Decisions

Russian politicians made sure they don’t have to comply with Strasbourg decisions unless they want to. Apparently, the move is not unprecedented among parties of the Convention.

How Israel Should Address the Gaza Report’s Impact on the ICC

Opening a case of Israel-Palestine will be a historic moment for the ICC that by the way just celebrated its 17th birthday. Why, justice matters in Gaza too, yet it is still unclear what would either side gain from an ICC investigation.

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