Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people!

This was a very busy week in terms of world affairs, and it is not even over yet. I know, once again, the blog doesn’t really reflect this, and I am sorry about it, I have been kept really busy at work these days, I am continuously behind with my reading goals. I’ll try to work on this, I promise.

Here’s three short ones, well in fact, two short ones and a longer one for you to get informed.

7 Humanity Affirming Charts from the UN’s Final MDG Progress Report

These results are really hopeful signs of how the international community can work together and succeed.

Debating the Deal: Understanding Five Core Issues at Stake in an Iran Nuclear Accord

While awaiting news of the so called provisional agreement let’s learn more about the basics from the American point of view.

Resolutions and Voting Results of 29th HRC Session

Commentless collection of all resolutions from this past session of the UN Human Rights Council.

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