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Happy Sunday everybody!


I am typing these words on an airplane flying back home after a wonderful weekend in Milan, Italy. I took this picture especially for you guys, but you can check out my pics of the weekend on Instagram as well. Italy is a beautiful country, don’t you think?

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend too!

UN Charter and Marriage Equality, A Serendipitous Day in San Francisco

Great events took place this Friday in the United States. Most of the rest of the world has quite a lot of catching up to do…

The Use of Force Against People Smugglers: Conflicts with Refugee Law and Human Rights Law

Yes, still the migrant issue. Now we are talking Chapter VII (use of force) of the now 70 years old UN Charter when it comes to those who want to have a chance at life when they are denied it at their homes. I doubt this is anything close to what the signatories had in mind 70 years ago. This being said, people smugglers who try to make a fortune out of these people risking their lives really do constitute a problem.

Iran’s Parliament has Just Voted to Ban Inspectors from Military Sites. American Negotiators Better Develop Some Spine.

Less and less chance for real, long lasting results out of this so called deal. It is now questionable whether there is still a middle to meet or this ship has sailed completely.

3 Takeaways from the UN’s Gaza Report 

And one more post about the Gaza report, although I cannot promise it will be the last one, as it’s still undecided whether and how it will be used later.

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