Sunday Smack

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Hello, Everybody! This four day week was pretty intense for me, by Friday it sure felt like any long and hard working week ever.

There were also lots and lots of great posts! Seriously, this week I just wanted to put here almost everything I have read… Check out what I decided not to leave out…

The Situation Concerning the Islamic State: Carte Blanche for the ICC if the Security Council Refers?

Oh the beauties of law interpretation! And when international law scholars and practitioners interpret the law each in their own ways…

Prospect of Peace Recedes in Mali

A prospect of peace does not equal actual peace, but it is towards the right path.

An Alternative to the Iran Deal?

I find it quite amusing how both sides are now looking for ways out of the hard-won deal. 

Mobile Technology in the Interest of Law and the Protection of Civilians

These day when there is a mobile app for everything why shouldn’t we use mobile technology to educate about important matters?

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