Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday and happy long weekend to most of us! How great, that the weekend doesn’t end today!

What do you think about the ESC2015 results? Seriously I have nothing against the Russian contestant, she seems nice, but I am glad that “building bridges” can continue next year without barriers!

Here’s some reading for you all…

Europe is Totally Ignoring the Root Causes of Migration Across the Mediterranean 

Europe seems to be wanting to solve its own problem and continue to be ignorant about all others.

4 Things You Need to Know to Understand Burundi Now

Since the writing of this post, an opposition leader has been killed in Burundi yesterday. The international community still has no grounds to contemplate intervening though.

Defining Anticipated Military Advantage: the Importance of Certainty

On the side notes of the recent report about Israel-Palestine, this is an interesting analysis about the necessity of targeting enemy at war.

Kim Lane Scheppele: Hungary and the State of American Democracy

There was a congressional hearing this week at the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the American-Hungarian relations. Those who are more competent in the area of such hearings than me say it lacked professionalism and common sense.

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