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Happy Sunday everybody!

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U.S. Support for the Saudi Air Campaign in Yemen: The Legal Issues

Legal issues are everywhere, aren’t they? Does whatever the US is doing in Yemen constitute as intervening, and if the US is indeed intervening, on what grounds?

Top UN Officials Warn of Ebola’s Stubborn Persistence in West Africa 

The worst of the outbreak might be over now, but making it stay that way and wiping the ebola virus out for good, requires continuous fight from health workers and affected countries as well.

Failing to Face the Gender Challenge – note on the European Court of Human Rights Jurisprudence

Great one on the conflict between religious rights and gender discrimination and how the ECHR failed to address the issue. It is matching my own thoughts on many levels. I will say this again, if banning veils and scarves would magically improve these women’s situation overnight, then most definitely that would be the solution. But I am afraid it does just the opposite.

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