Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, everybody!

Yesterday was the Day of Poetry in Hungary and on that occasion another one of my old posts went viral. It is the second time in a short period that this happens. Thank you to everybody for sharing and liking my posts! 

Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday and now ready to take a few minutes to read my favorite posts of the week.

One Doctor’s Account of Yemen Under Siege

Yemen quickly became a humanitarian disaster in just a few weeks time. This recount shows how serious the situation is.

What Does the Word “Implement” Mean in the Iran Framework Agreement?

Although there were some criticism from Iranian officials, so far there is still every reason to hope that both parties take their commitments seriously. 

The UN creates a new rapporteur on the right to privacy in the digital age  and 

Where the UN rapporteur on the right to privacy can have the most impact

The right to privacy in the digital age is such a broad area to deal with that whomever will be the first person to hold this title will have a tremendously difficult job just to figure out what their mandate really is about.

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