Sunday Smack

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Happy Holidays Everybody!

And thank you so much for taking the time to read even on this last Sunday before Christmas!

A lot of things happened in the world this week, partly sad, partly exciting (just like my life right now). Here’s what my favorite bloggers blogged about.

The Sony Hack: Will the United States Take Countermeasures Against North Korea?

And even more so, what kind of measures will they be? International law provides a series of possibilities.

The ICC’s Rough December

I have posted about these before too, but the ICC still seems to be having a hard time fulfilling its mission.

Obama Announces Shift in Executive Policy on Cuba

An announcement very welcome by most. A policy change (especially a lift of embargo which did not happen yet) would bring positive changes not just in the region, but in international relations worldwide.

Hungary: New European court hearing for former Strasbourg judge’s human rights complaint

I have posted about this case before, now it seems to go further on the procedural steps of the ECHR.

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