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Happy Sunday Everybody!

We are just about to start the last full week before Christmas. I hope your preparations are going well.

It was a busy week in world affairs with a lot of great posts, of which I tried my best to choose from.

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Torture is Always Illegal, No Matter What Results It May Produce

The CIA Torture Report is by far the most written about story of this past week. Just last week I wrote that in my belief there might be situtations when different laws should apply and I stand by this opinion. That of course doesn’t mean that I find the application of inhumane treatment justified in every situation described, I don’t even know the report thoroughly enough. And the facts that the techniques proved to be ineffective perhaps says more about the enemy, than the interrogators. For the record, I do agree that torture is always illegal, what I am saying is sometimes illegality is the lesser evil. Sometimes. Under very special circumstances.

Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Need to Be Resettled… And the World is Failing Them

It was a refugee crisis years ago and it remained one. Things need to be done urgently to change this.

ICC Prosecutor Says Full Inquiry into Russian War Crimes Might Come Soon, But Omits Some Crimes

It’s certainly more than nothing, and perhaps they grasp whatever they can according to the Statute, but it still raises concerns. Whether the ICC fulfills the mission it has been set up for is another question.

Why This Week is a Big Turning Point for the Future of the ICC

Speaking of the ICC… Decisions of the Assembly of the State Parties may be interesting because of issues like the above.

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