Sunday Smack

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Fall - great title card for November

Can you believe it’s already November?

Well, it’s been a while since the last time when there was no post between two Sunday Smacks. That happened this week.

I recently read a blog post where the author wrote she thought it was quite annoying when bloggers complain about neglecting blogging, while she actually was complaining about just that. I will not do that. I was a little busy this week, that’s all.

What have you all been reading about this week? Hope you’ll check out these posts too.

Mass Graves, Missing Students, and Mexico’s Long Road to Reform

This is something that should never happen in a country where there is a rule of law. Whether there will ever be any justice for those students remains questionable.

Lone Wolf Terrorism: Understanding the Growing Threat

I am currently doing Georgetown’s Terrorism and Counterterrorism course on edX (which I mean to write about later in detail), so this post was especially interesting for me, since I have recently learned about all types of terrorists including lone wolves. I agree with the author that they are much more of a threat than most terrorist organizations.

The Naked Rambler in the European Court

In my job I constantly find myself in situations where I have to apply laws to circumstances that the creators of the laws in question would never even have imagined. That I guess is one of the most beautiful parts of our profession. Here’s an example where the judges of the ECHR must have thought the same. Or perhaps not.

White House Distances Itself From Netanyahu ‘Chickenshit’ Comment

I had to. I know there are many much more important things going on around the world, but this I had to include. There was a similar storyline in Madam Secretary recently (I love this show, don’t you?), although with a more modest language, now even screenwriters don’t go so far as to refer to a global figure as ‘chickenshit’.

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