Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people!

How is everybody doing? After a four day long weekend in Hungary I feel like I am in the process of really recovering. I know, I said that quite a few times in the past 6+ weeks, but this time it must be for real. I have so many plans for when I will be well enough to do things! I want to be able to do things and go to places again so bad!

Well, at least I was still able to read, I hope you’ll check out these posts from last week.

Why Banning Travel From Ebola Affected Countries Makes it More Likely That Ebola Spreads in the USA

That is actually really hard to predict what would exactly make the panic in the US worse or what would it take to calm people. It is one difficult job indeed.

North Korea Enlists the Help of Cuba and China in Shielding Kim Jong Un from ICC

I’ve always wondered whether these North Korean diplomats really believe what they say when talking about things like human rights respected in their country. Anyway, the idea of charging Kim Jong Un at the ICC is still not very realistic at this point.

UN reviews Israel’s human right record

This is just a normal process of reviewing the implementation of an international treaty, just more newsworthy because of its subject.

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