Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday Everybody!

It feels like the last summery-ish weekend here in Hungary, so I am trying to take the best of it. How about you all?

This week I read so much great posts that I could seriously feature all of them here. I don’t remember when was the last time when it was so hard to choose but a few. And, UN week a.k.a. the general debate of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly is approaching! So, expect some more excitement in the days to come!

4 Things You Need to Know About the International Coalition to Fight ISIS

The only remaining question is whether the coalition can be successful this way.

This is a Huge Turning Point in the Fight Agains Ebola

The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting this Thursday on ebola, which in itself is a big deal. This is the first time ever that a health issue is recognized as a threat to international peace and security so much so, that it is dealt with on an emergency meeting. The outcomes of the meeting also raise some hope.

Ban Ki-moon to UN Member States: The World’s a Mess – Fix it!

The world is indeed a mess with a bunch of crises to fix at a time.

Hungary: Fines for “disruptive” MPs breached European human rights law

I am just featuring this here because it was barely mentioned in Hungarian media. It was not mentioned at all in state media, unsurprisingly so.

And one last thing which is not one single post, but a whole series of them: The Scottish Independence Insta-Symposium on the Opinio Juris blog is a great read even now that we know the outcome of the referendum, with a lot of exciting questions regarding international law.

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