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Happy Sunday!

I hope all is well with you all. I am still not in a chatty mode, but I have several posts and even a big change planned on this site. Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy this weekend’s reading.

Saudi Power Play Sends Shockwaves Abroad

More than one week on, it is still not clear where this all leads.

A Coup in Zimbabwe? Robert Mugabe is Seemingly Deposed

It does indeed seem like the end for one of the longest ruling leaders in Africa. Hopefully the change will serve the people of Zimbabwe in all positive ways.

The European Union Steps Up its Fight Against Fake News

I humbly admit I didn’t even know about this EU agency, but now I promptly subscribed to their newsletter. This is important considering this week’s news of the EU also strenghtening ties in defence. 

A Danish Crusade for the Reform of the European Court of Human Rights

The ECHR might be yet another thing in the international legal system that need change, only it would take serious political battles to bring it about.

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