Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday!

This is one of the few occasions when I don’t even know what to add to all that’s going on. I am quite a bit overwhelmed these days not just with what’s going on in the world, but in my personal life mostly.

So, I will just provide you with some weekend reading.

A Major Global Report About Nutrition Around World Shows That We Are All Eating the Wrong Things

Indeed, we are. And we need to find out what to do about it, especially on parts of the world where it is not about personal choices and preferences.

Saudi Crown Prince Consolidates Power at Home While Preparing for More Conflict Abroad

And first, it was thought to be positive for Saudi Arabia to have a young and modern minded crown prince. Now it seems he’s on a mission to destabilize the whole region.

“I can’t imagine this will not be one of the most devastating humanitarian catastrophes we’ve seen in decades.”

One of the most direct effects of the Saudi policy is already felt in Yemen, and it’s still about to get worse.

War crimes in Afghanistan and Beyond: Will the ICC Weigh in on the “Global Battlefield” Debate?

There are a series of hard hitting legal questions in this case, which will be interesting to follow.

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