Sunday Smack

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Happy Sunday, people! I hope you are all having a great weekend!

Has anybody else been hampered by Feedly’s down periods this week? I hope it’s all solved by now, because in the end I had to scroll through 250+ posts this weekend.

Here’s what I thought was worth sharing with you out of all of it.

Jihadi takeover in Mosul and Iraq’s looming breakdown

This week’s events in Iraq adumbrates very difficult times to come while there already are plenty of problems to solve in the region.

Why the UN General Assembly Just Selected Uganda’s Anti-Gay Foreign Minister as its President

Why indeed? While the explanation provided in the article and by the workings of UN bodies is quite reasonable, it is still somewhat disturbing.

“Aleppo is our Srebrenica”

Great op-ed by Jan Egeland and David Miliband re-posted on UN Dispatch. Why the situation in Syria continues to be a serius issue waiting to be solved is greatly summed up by the two.

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